Unveiling BD Ventures: What Sets Apart the Risky Investment Fund BD Ventures?

Venture capital is a type of investment that holds a high level of risk, but also carries enormous potential opportunities for investors. When projects or startups enter the market, they often need a large enough capital source to develop and achieve success. That’s when venture capital funds become an important companion, investing in new and potential ideas.

Although this is a high-risk form of investment, if done properly, it can bring significant profits in the future.

Therefore, finding a reputable venture capital fund with a long-term strategy and clear vision is an important part for angel investors. They hope that the value of their investment assets can increase many times in the future.

BD VENTURES is one of the leading venture capital funds in Vietnam, especially in the field of Blockchain. This fund has brought significant value to investors in recent times. In this article, we will provide detailed information about BD VENTURES, from exploring their operations to the achievements and potential this fund brings.

What is Bd Ventures?

BD VENTURES (BD stands for Big Deal) is one of the biggest Vietnamese communities was born in 2020. This community focuses on supporting leading projects in the fields of Blockchain Technology, NFTs, DeFi, Play to Earn, AI, Layer…

BD VENTURES is not only an investor, but also a dedicated partner for the potential projects they support. BD VENTURES’s crucial mission is to promote and support these projects throughout the development process, from the start to success.

Unveiling BD Ventures: What Sets Apart the Risky Investment Fund BD Ventures?

Over the past 2 years, BD VENTURES has achieved significant achievements. They have invested in developing a professional team, expanding their social media network, and building trusted relationships with reputable partners both inside and outside of Vietnam. This means that BD VENTURES is always ready to accompany their projects and partners, towards sustainable development and success.

The importance of BD VENTURES

BD VENTURES is proud to play an indispensable role in ensuring the success of startup projects, especially in the current challenging context, when both investors and projects are facing challenges. It is difficult to recover and grow strongly after the pandemic.

Communication and connection with the community plays an important role to help investors better understand and trust the project. Thanks to owning a large Crypto community, BD VENTURES has supported many projects that reach thousands of people around the world through Marketing campaigns.

One of the notable events is the live Q&A session (AMA) between Gamefi Zombie World Z and Stman game with the investor and player community. This event attracted thousands of participants and thousands of comments, along with many attractive prizes. For more details, you can see the link below:”



Project Promotion

Currently, the success or failure of a startup project often depends largely on financial decisions and cooperation with venture capital funds. When BD VENTURES decides to trust and provide capital for a project, this will affect the development of the project for many years to come.

BD VENTURES plays an important role as a link between newly established projects and the market as well as angel investors. Thanks to multi-dimensional support from investment funds, project founders have more motivation to innovate and develop strongly.

Project support

With many years of experience in the professional field, BD VENTURES clearly understands the process necessary to promote the development of a project. When supported by investors with the same passion and mission, startups are more likely to stay in business for longer periods of time, achieve higher revenues, and surpass the rate of return. expected success.

Connecting Investors with Projects

In addition to providing investment capital, BD VENTURES is also confident with its extensive global partnership network. This ability helps BD VENTURES introduce startup projects to the right investors, while also opening up opportunities for these projects to reach many different market segments. As a result, startup projects can attract interest from a larger audience, and move towards revenue growth and expansion into larger markets.


In the context of constant fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, growth is considered a key factor determining the success of every project. BD VENTURES understands this well and their main and unique goal is to help potential projects reach and attract a large number of users in the shortest possible time.

BD VENTURES is committed to accompanying, building infrastructure, prioritizing growth, measuring success and expanding the scope of the projects in which they invest.

In addition, the BD VENTURES team always puts reputation first and proposes appropriate strategies for each project in their portfolio, depending on the stage and specific context of each project.

Team and Partners

Main partner

Strategic partner

BD VENTURES Building Strategic Relationships is proud of its strategic relationships with leading reputable partners in Vietnam and globally:

– Our strategic partners include the world’s leading exchanges such as Binance Vietnam, MEXC, Bitget…

– Strategic partners are the leading Launchpad incubator ecosystems in Vietnam: Bscstation , Kingdom Game 4.0, FAM Central

– Strategic partners are large domestic and foreign investment funds: Onebit Ventures , Kretos ventures, TCVN, Titans Ventures, HT Holdings, Cryptocurrency Investment, Nextz Ventures. LightHouse…

Investment Portfolios

BD VENTURES’s investment portfolio is very diverse and has demonstrated impressive growth over time. Let’s take a look at some outstanding projects on this list:

How to Cooperate with BD Ventures?

BD Ventures have more than 40+ channels on social media platforms. You can refer to the list of channels here: https://linktr.ee/bdventures

BD Ventures currently offers the following fee-based services:

1. Marketing and communication for the project on multiple platforms such as: Telegram, Twitter, Binance Square, Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook as well as Website Review on the top of searches on Google…
2. Connect with investment funds and community owners.

If you are working on a project and are interested in using these services, please contact us via email: bdventuresvn@gmail.com

3. BD Ventures has a network of more than +2000 KOLs to supports & connect projects with KOLs in the Crypto field.

How was BD VENTURES formed and developed?

BD VENTURES Fund was formed and developed based on the following three important and essential factors:

1. Community: The BD VENTURES team prides itself on being supported by the largest communities in the cryptocurrency space. This is one of the core values ​​of BD VENTURES and also helps the projects that BD VENTURES invests in attract more users and investors.

2. Network Connection: When cooperating with BD VENTURES, projects have the opportunity to access and interact in the technology ecosystem, thereby expanding their scope and development.

3. Finance & Investment Capital: A special strength of BD VENTURES is their companionship with many large projects and the ability to access large capital from strategic partners. Projects that BD VENTURES invests in also have the opportunity to access this capital source to support development and expansion.


The events that BD Ventures supported so far: https://t.me/bd_ventures/6502

  • It is an honor to be one of the community partners of Vietnam Blockchain Summit Vietnam 2023.

Event link: https://t.me/bd_ventures/8237


BD VENTURES – Media Partner at Blockchain Expo 2022 Event

On May 15, the Vietnam Blockchain Technology Conference 2022, named “Blockchain Expo 2022,” was held at the Vietnam-Soviet Friendship Labor Cultural Palace, organized by MetaHub Joint Stock Company. This event attracted the participation of dozens of speakers who are leading experts and leaders from leading technology companies in Vietnam.

Some prominent faces participating in the event include Mr. Truong Gia Bao – Chairman of DTS Digital Transformation Alliance, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung – Chairman of Vietnam E-commerce Association, Mr. Nguyen Trung Anh – founder TheCoinDesk news channel, Mr. Nguyen Viet Lam – Deputy General Director of RikkeiSoft and Director of Rikkei Academy, Mr. Lukas Nguyen – co-founder of OnBlock Ventures, Mr. Thanh Dao – founder of Launchzone…

VNEXPRESS newspaper wrote about the event: https://vnexpress.net/chuyen-gia-ban-ve-xu-huong-cong-nghe-tai-blockchain-expo-2022-4463994.html

BD VENTURES is honored to be Media Partner and receive the media partner award of the Vietnam Blockchain Technology Conference 2022.

Some images from the Vietnam Blockchain Technology Conference 2022


The end

It’s easy to see that, with its capacity and strong relationships with leading partners, BD VENTURES will be an investment communication channel to help projects from the early stages, even from the start-up stage. Thanks to that, the projects that BD VENTURES cooperates with often become “unicorns” with high growth and development potential, highly appreciated by the community.

Join BD Ventures’ community channel:

Website: https://www.bdventures.vn/
Summary link: https://linktr.ee/bdventures

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